Puy du Fou, 35min from the cottages

Le Puy du Fou is the un-missable site of Vendée, it was again voted the best park in the world. Its success comes from the quality of its shows, and the great realism of its villages and scenery. We recommend 2 days to discover at your own pace the entire Grand Park.

Sculpteur sur bois Puy du FouArtisan médiéval du Puy du FouBourg médiéval

The villages

The Medieval City : Passing through the fortified entrance, you can wander the streets and discover old trades. Craftsmen demonstrate their skill: the woodcarver, the cooper, the portrait painter, the saddler or the baker.
The Eighteenth century village, it is a hamlet reconstituted around a central square and its “Lavoir” , the place where women gathered to do the washing.
The 1900 village is at the entrance to the park, it has many shops well stocked and colorful.
The fort of the year 1000 brings together houses with thatched roofs, we can hear the sound of hammer on the anvil: the blacksmith is at work.


The Ghost Birds Ball, features between 140 and 170 hawks, vultures and other birds of prey.
The Vikings offers an impressive realistic show and spectacular special effects.
The Musketeers of Richelieu in the Grand Theater du Carrousel : all the ingredients of swashbuckling films with cape and sword are gathered.
The Secret of the Lancer : the legend of Joan of Arc revisited in a setting of medieval fortress more real than nature.
The Sign of Triumph : this show takes place in the gladiatorial arena of the Gallo-Roman Stadium. Sequences alternate wildlife shows, gladiator fights and chariot races.
The Fantasy World of La Fontaine presents the fables with automatons, with the voice of Gérard Depardieu.
The Knights of the Round Table tells the story of King Arthur against a backdrop of moving water and staging.
Lovers of Verdun. This show-tour immerses the visitor in the heart of a reconstructed trench: explosions, shells, and infirmary. You will discover what life was like for the Tommies in the trenches during World War I.
The Last Panache tells the story of the life of the Vendée General François Athanase Charette of the Contrie, thanks to a scenography mixing video projections and real decorations. The spectator follows the stage on a rotating circular platform.

Château médiéval chevalierChouette du bal des oiseaux fantômesChâteau médiévalLégionnaires et cavaliers au stadium gallo-romain

The great show of cinescenie

The Cinéscénie du Puy du Fou is undoubtedly a night show not to be missed.

Every year, the show reinvents itself to impress visitors. The numbers are stunning: 2400 actors and 130 riders inhabit a ‘stage’ of 23 hectares, more than 28,000 costumes, 20 Neopter drones, 150 water jets and 2500 projectors.

The music, the emotion and the many special effects will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

  • Cinéscénie acteurs enfants vendéens
  • Cinéscénie village vendéen
  • Cinéscénie scène devant le château Renaissance
  • Cinéscénie feux d'artifice et jets d'eau
  • Cinéscénie jeux de lumière
  • Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny cinéscénie

Advice from the Relays for Cinéscénie

Cinéscénie is very famous, the ticket office is often busy from its opening in October for the following season. We recommend you book as soon as possible if you want to have a choice of dates.

  • The stands are not covered : plan to wear warm clothes because the nights can be cool in the Vendée. In case of rain, bring appropriate clothes that will leave you dry, preferably a rain cape. You could even take a small seat cushion for your personal comfort.
  • There is no seat number to reserve. However, you can book the supplement “preferential investment” (individual sitting and central position in the stands)
  • Children under 5 are free, but they sit on an adult’s lap.
  • For the reservation, you can buy tickets for the Cinéscénie alone or choose from the many packs available for the main park + Cinéscénie.

If you cannot book ask us for help: as owners of gîtes near Puy du Fou, we sometimes have good tips.

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