4 days of hiking in Chantonnay

The walking event « 4 days in Chantonnay » takes place every year during the Ascension weekend. This event is known worldwide; and is the only IML (International Marching League) to take place in France.

A major international walking event

Organization Figures for the 4 day walking event are very complimentary :

  • 350 volunteers
  • 5181 walkers from all over the world totaling 9222 walking days
  • 26 different countries
  • 188kms of specially marked trails for the 4 days
  • 12 coaches ensuring the journey between registration area and the starting point
  • between 3500 and 1500 sandwiches distributed to those who finish
Nos amis randonneurs néerlandaisDrapeaux marche IMLDéfilé des R4JC salle Antonia ChantonnayMarche en fanfare dans les rues de ChantonnayDiscours inaugural de Gilles GandrieauCortege des officiels dont M Villette, maire de Chantonnay

A typical Program of the “4 days” walking event

From Wednesday evening the local brass band inaugurates the event with music in the streets of Chantonnay. The flags for each participating country take part in the procession.

At dawn on Thursday, the first departures are possible from 6.30am: it is recommended to register via the internet at least 1 week in advance. Limiting the waiting, for you on the day.

On the menu: 5 routes of 8, 12, 21, 28 and 42 km are available around Chantonnay. Walkers are transported by coaches to the departure point,(your turn then) to take part in the walk (at your own rhythm) and return to the Parc Clemenceau.

  • Randonnée dans les bois du Lay
  • Randonneurs des 4 jours
  • A un croisement, les signaleurs en jaune
  • Rabdonneuse qui ont la banane
  • Le village de Vildé Chantonnay
  • Arrivée de la randonnée 4 Jours
  • Animation R4JC

A hike in the heart of the countryside seeing local heritage and the unusual

The circuits are recreated every year so they continue to surprise. The major interest? They do not follow the beaten track and allow you to pass properties with hidden or even unsuspected heritage. The organizers also know how to vary the enjoyment by selecting very different routes: woods, steep paths, mown fields, river banks and picturesque passages are all examples of their creativity.

On Friday evening, the R4JCV also offer a night hike: departure at 20:30 with ham and mogette (white beans, a local specialty) when you reach the end.

New For 2019 : the Long Distance Walker Certificate

The R4JCV created for their 20th anniversary a new formula, without assistance, without arrows: a kind of Vendée Globe for hikers.

The walker can choose between 120kms to be completed in 45h, or 200km to achieve in 75h (rest time included). The assistance of friends / family is prohibited, the hiker will have to manage either by finding the lodging and cover en route, either by planning their accommodation or by travelling heavily equipped …

The gîtes at the heart of the IML event

The Relay de la Source gites are partners with the “4 jours de Randonnée”. Every year, we are delighted to welcome walkers into our accommodation. We can welcome walkers in French, English and German.

We provide a package specially adapted for walks so that they won’t miss a thing during the event:

  • Arrival Wednesday afternoon.
  • Departure Sunday for those who wish to do the 42 km( including the last day) – we have already lodged this style of walker :)
  • Naturally bed linen are provided – to avoid having too much baggage
  • Prices adapted for the 2 cottages

The gites are at just 5 kms from the registration point and often near to one of the circuits.

For the event in 2016, the Starting point was just outside our front gate! The photos to prove it!

Départ du circuit 4 jours de randonnée devant les gîtesLes gîtes comme point de départ des 4 jours de randonnée Chantonnay

2022 edition will be on May 26, 27, 28 and 29

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