Garden and Permaculture, 1 hectare of greenery

The cottages are located in the heart of the old farm, between the courtyard and the meadows. We work all year round to improve the ecological footprint: our aim is to offer genuine nature holidays. Since 2019, in addition to flower and tree planting, we have  been trying to encourage permaculture into the garden.

The Garden converts to permaculture

As all permaculture enthusiasts know: the most important thing is to observe the environment and be forward-thinking when it comes to your garden design. It is not a question of fighting against nature, but of helping it to become established and to see in each problem the solution: for us, it is a whole new way of thinking, a completely new adventure.

Buddha head statue in the middle of the zen gadenBuddha in front of bamboosFlowering japanese azalea

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden is a place of peace and serenity, joining the mineral and plant worlds.

  • The central parterre houses a sedge and pebbles arranged on a sandy path. The statue of Buddha stands in the centre of the square.
  • In the background, a Fargesia bamboo dominates Japanese azaleas with pink blossom. In front, the Sagine, a good Japanese ground cover, spreads out to form a beautiful mossy green carpet.
  • On the left, a hydrangea appreciates the shade of walnut on hot summer days.

A garden converted to permaculture and the Vegetable Garden

The garden combines aromatic plants and vegetables : this companion planting allows protection against pests and diseases.
Among the herbs, you can find : savory, verbena, basil, thyme, rosemary and oregano.

Among the vegetables, the plantings follow the seasons :

  • radishes and salads in spring,
  • courgettes, tomatoes and peppers in summer
  • turnips and black radishes in autumn
Courgettes dans le jardin potagerSariette, aromate du potagerCourgette dans le potagerCiboulette dans le jardinBroad bean in the vegetable gardenThym en fleur dans le potager de la solissonnièreSalade

The Pool Area

The entrance to the covered swimming pool is overlooked by a large walnut tree: it provides much appreciated shade as of mid-May.At its base, a organic mulch serves as a setting for periwinkles, strawberries and rhubarb.

Beside the driveway, small dry stone walls have allowed the creation of new flowerbeds. Thus, hostas, perennial geraniums, perennial candytuft and sweet william bloom in the shade of walnut.

Behind the dome and created entirely from scratch ex nihilo, is our first attempt of a super lasagna permaculture garden. It mixes carbonaceous and nitrogenous organic matter in successive layers.

  • Tapis fleuri des aubriètes
  • Pervenche et fleurs violettes en Vendée
  • Table de pique-nique près de la piscine couverte
  • Le vieux noyer et son siège brouette
  • La corbeille d'argent forme un coussin de fleurs débordant sur le muret en pierre
  • Une barrière en bois de châtaigner faite maison

The reviving of an old bank under tarpaulins

In the past, a hideous green tarpaulin covered the hillock at the entrance to the property. We removed it, with the sadly to find completely dead soil … so what was the priority? To bring back life to the soil. With this in mind in 2017 a wood mulch and a regular supply of organic material was applied which will bring life and biodiversity back to the soil.

For aesthetic reasons there is a stone walls at the foot of the hill which is complemented by a a gate made from foraged wood. These ecological constructions made it possible to create terraces which makes planting and watering easier. Young shoots taken from the roads were planted in 2017, and again in 2018, we hope that they will become beautiful hardwood shrubs.

In the west, the aubrietia fulfills its role as flower cover, from Easter to July it gives a beautiful carpet in pink, purple and mauve tones

  • Renaturation d'une butte à l'entrée du domaine
  • Rouge-gorge invité du jardin
  • Butte retour à la nature et à la biodiversité

Tree planting at the entrance to the property

The entrance is becoming more and more wooded: a twisted willow, a magnolia, a Judas tree and a flamingo willow have been added to this area of the property. Despite their youth, these trees already contribute to the beauty of the environment.
A goji flourishes behind the pillar of the gate.

We improve biodiversity by regularly planting new useful species such as borage, comfrey, nigella, and forget-me-nots. All of which are making themselves at home.

  • Le magnolia, 1er arbre fleuri sur le domaine
  • Le saule crevette et le lila fleuri
  • Abeille butinant une fleur de bourrache

The Park Side

Dominating the centre of the paddock is the magnificent old oak, at least 200 years old. The ground surrounding the old farm buildings are planted with a few fruit trees – plum, pear, walnut as well as typical Vendéen hedging. Beyond the property are panoramic views of the rolling countryside visible as soon as you take the hiking trail.

Le vieux chêne trône au milieu de la prairie
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