The indoor swimming pool

From mid-May to the end of September, guests have access to the indoor swimming pool. They can enjoy the pleasure of swimming, even in the event of inclement weather, the vast dome of 100m2 houses the 9x4m pool and encourages relaxing on the sun loungers.

Indoor swimming pool facilities :

  • Sloping floor with a maximum depth of 1m80
  • Games
  • Night lighting on request
  • Outdoor shower for use before entering the dome
  • Water temperature dependent on weather conditions (unheated pool)

Periods of access

The water is at a good temperature throughout the holiday season: from early June until the end of September.
In some years, swimming is possible from mid-May to early October.

Either way, the pool will be kept open for the more hardy.

The covered swimming pool

The dome provides shelter from the elements, who has not dreamed of being able to swim every day regardless of the weather ? On sunny days, the indoor temperature is very pleasant when you get out of the pool.

The proportions of the dome are comfortable offering a large space on the east side of the pool, not a simple traffic corridor. As for the height, you will have no trouble standing, even if you are over 2m tall.

  • Enfants jouant dans la piscine
  • plongeon dans la piscine du Relay de la Source
  • Nageuse en vacances en Vendée
  • Famille se baignant dans la pisicne des gîtes
  • enfants heureux dans la bassin

Hygiene and safety of the pool

We take care of all maintenance and maintenance operations : covering and uncovering the pool, water quality and temperature control.

Access is prohibited for children under 16 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult. After using of the pool, supervising adults are responsible for the child safety lock.

The pool is, like the gîtes, a non-smoking area.

Tips to make the best use of the pool:

Preparing for your holiday in a cottage with swimming pool, think of everything you will need to enjoy the pool. Here are some of our tips:

  • Don’t forget your beach towels, both to dry yourself and to make sunbathing more comfortable.
  • For hygiene reasons, wearing a bathing cap is strongly recommended, especially if you have beautiful and long hair.
  • You can bring games and pool accessories. To ensure the quality of the pool water we ask you to rinse well especially if you have used them at the beach.

The ideal temperature of the bathing water

Know that in a pool, the ideal water temperature is between 27 and 30 ° C. Does it seem high? You may think “it’s weird, swimming in the sea is really nice at 22 ° C”?
In fact, you swim less in a pool, so your body will cool faster.

If the water is lower, say 25 ° C, in May for example, here are some tips:

  • Begin by wetting your neck to inform your nervous system as soon as possible
  • Go into the water gradually and wet your arms, chest and back.
  • Cooler water is very good for your health: it improves blood circulation and is a great way to recover after excercise (walking, mountain biking, or running).
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