Horses and animals, like a holiday on a farm!

The 4 Musketeers

Looking for a holiday on a farm? Do you like the company of animals? The Relay of the Source is without doubt the ideal place. Former agricultural farm, it has kept its functional buildings and today is home to 3 horses, 3 cats, 3 hens and a very playful dog. Wild fauna, discreet but present, will visit your terrace if calm prevails.

The 3 horses, all around the gites

Relay’s horses are used to meeting and welcoming our holidaymakers, they are curious, attentive and enjoy a bit of a fuss. You will often see them galloping and playing around the cottages. However, don’t approach the horses unless you have been officially introduced! We will guide you in the first contact with our horses, with wise advice and some basic safety principles.

Paqua, pur-sang alezan

Paqua, chestnut gelding

The wily member of the group

Paqua is a thoroughbred born in April 2003, he was our first horse. Upon his arrival, he was just 3 years old.

He was retired from steeple chasing, because of a tendon injury in his left hind leg. From the young fiery and unruly horse he was, he is now a confident, curious, very intelligent, and jealous horse, yes, it also exists in animals. He is the closest to Alain’s heart!

King Burry, bay gelding

The watchman

Thoroughbred born in June 1999, our second horse, he was 9 years old when he came to us.

Also a retired racer, appearing calm at first, King was very timid and wary and not always easily approachable.

A lot of hard work was needed to restore his confidence and whilst he is much better he does not like to be separated from his companions.

King Burry, pur-sang bai
Aérien, pur-sang galopeur sur les champs de course

Aerial, bay stallion

Racing Champion

Aerial is a thoroughbred born in May 1998. It is stallion, so it is capable of being put to stud.

He career ended in 2008 after winning several races.Generally, stallions are reputed to have character, they are called “hot or fiery”.

Aero is “cold or laid back”: nothing bothers or panics him. But as a stallion, don’t forget that Spring makes him more lively and games with friends are sometimes a bit rough.

Animals, as at the farm

Dogs and cats at the Relay of the source all have names inspired by Japanese culture. They are all very affectionate and will certainly come to visit you, if they feel that you like animals.

Itachi, the sheepdog

He will become the children’s best friend

Itachi is a sheepdog from Beauce, mischievous and very playful. He quickly becomes the best friend of the children who enjoy his company. His favorite game is to retrieve a stick, a ball, or a piece of anything he can find that can be “thrown.”
If you are not a fan of dogs, he will also feel it and will not come to see you

For the record, Itachi is a male Japanese name that gives the wearer strength and bravery. It’s also the name of a powerful ninja out of the Naruto manga. You do not know it? Ask your children

Itachi, le chien de berger des gîtes

Cats, between hugs and purring

At Relay de la source, you will find 3 adorable cats very confident with our guests. Mitzu the mom is the most affectionate, she will certainly visit you early in the morning. Naomi the tiger and Natzuko the grey are the two girls: They take longer to get used to you, but also end up seeking a fuss.

  • Natzuko, petite minette tigrée cherchant les câlins des vacanciers
  • Mitzu, la maman chat qui vient visiter les gîtes
  • Naomi, la minette grise toute l'année en vacances

The trio of laying hens

The hens live on our side, they eat everything and give us 3 good eggs every day. If you wish, you can put aside what they love: vegetable peelings, green salad, leftover pasta, green beans …

They are all three different breeds, we have selected for their quality:

  • the Sussex white hen has a sweet and sociable character, she is the only one that lays in the winter too.
  • the little red hen is the most common variety poultry, she is an excellent layer during her younger years.
  • the Marans with black and gold plumage, is famous for it’s excellent eggs with the shell … brown!

For the anecdote, in the first films of James Bond (“From Russia with Love”): we see the famous secret agent eat his favourite dish: Marans egg, brought to a boil for exactly 3min20.

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